It was a usual morning with the usual rants I start as soon as I open the eyes. But then…

While getting ready for the office, I chose to decide that me don’t have enough clothes to wear! Everything looked like it was worn yesterday only. The matter needed some immediate attention but looking at the past track record, I was sure to be doomed if taken an action without having a guardian angel to support the cause.

Whom should I approach first! Mum seems the safest bet in such cases. Even if she doesn’t support, the chances of her exploding are almost equal to Mr. Prime Minister daring to say ‘No’ to Madam.

Me - Mom, I think we need to do something about it.
Mum – about what?
Me – Umm… I have nothing to wear. Every morning I feel like the beggar on road.
Mum – hahahha hahahaaaha ha ha haho hohohooh hahahahah

You are too funny at times.. ain’t you?

Forget it.. I am sure Dad will understand!

Me – Dad, have you noticed lately that I wear almost same clothes every day.
Dad – Hmmm???

He is in habit of retorting with this long Hmm when a matter is not worth commenting in his opinion. Of course he listens in the first time itself but responds with this long hmm to make other person understand that they don’t need to discuss it again for a pretty good number of days.

But a jerk that I am

Me - I don’t have any half decent clothes so…
Dad – So you mean all we have in that garret is rags, or shall I say cast-offs? Isn’t that a more appropriate word?

Oh this store… We have a small room on the mezzanine of first floor which contains nothing but a closet, some shelves and an iron board and wherever you look, you will see... well, my clothes.

Now we do have wardrobes but I prefer to use it for other stuff like old books, dirty clothes, extra chargers, junk electronics, scrabble, PSP and 9823457 other things, but that story, some other time.

Anyways, I knew where it was going so I turned to wifey but even before I could start

She – You know I tried to iron some of your T-shirts yesterday. Do you want me to tell Mom the exact number of Tee’s I did and then the ones which are still pending.
Me – Oh my god! Whatever happened to those 7 promises you made at the time of marriage? Dint it say something like supporting the husband in good and bad, right or wrong and some crap like that.
She – waved off!

So folks… Here I am, wearing a torn Jeans and faded red Tee. Back to the point from where I started the morning… Rants!


You are cordially invited…

How long does it take to read a news paper these days? To me, reading the local paper is 10 minutes which includes classifieds, tenders, obituaries, name change declaration and yes, the so called news as well. But then there are some stories which would have been more appropriate for some kind of hall of fame section. If not the stories, then characters in the stories certainly are.

Few days back, I saw a headline about a theft for some 10,00,000 bucks. On first look, I felt sorry for the poor fellow who was out of city for 2 days and got swept off in the absence. However, as I went further the emotions changed. The poor (brains not the pocket) fellow left the home while around two hundred thousand in cash and rest as jewelry were tucked in a regular cupboard in his bedroom. Wow! Not even a safe, regular cupboard. Icing on the cake, the keys was placed on the top of cupboard itself.. Come on dude, what is it? Some consummate utopia? Or you were trying to play hidden treasure with the robbers? Okay, the law and order should be there but it won’t harm in taking some precaution. No?

Quite an innovative way to invite the troubles and misfortune… huh!


I am really in a shitty mood from last couple of days. Don’t know why so don’t bother to ask, but I see am livid and irritated with any and every one around me. Ever heard and seen a fuming-angry dragon breath-fire or witnessed really big volcanic eruptions? Yep, you got it!

Needless to say, the guys in office are the blessed ones to get it in abundance but not only that, I am like infuriated with every damn thing around me. I don’t feel like talking to anyone. Don’t want to socialize (hah, when did I feel like that anyways?). Can’t tolerate movies, not that they make even half decent movies these days but there were times when I could even watch a Mithun Da flick. Have a confirmed booking for vacation in Sikkim during Christmas, but feel like cancelling it every now and then. As obvious, I don’t feel like writing anymore and no, its not that bloody writer’s block coz I have hell of pointless stuff to blah blah about and then I don’t really think of myself as a writer, let alone their blocks.

Work used to be something where I never ever had any problems. Come what may, but business and office always kept me absorbed and devoted, but looking again, its no more fun these days. This is more of an obligation than passion. You know what, sometimes I feel like leaving everything aside and running far away. I think with my experience and qualification, whatever I have, I would get a job for waiter or probably a cab driver somewhere in a remote and peaceful place like may be Diu. See, what is the bloody point of working 14 hours a day? When you reach back to home in night, you are eating those 2 cold chapattis all alone. Now please spare the comments section and don’t start the gyan that probably I need to relook and try to balance out the things coz no, I can’t bloody do that. You know, Business is like a mouse trap. Once you are in, you are trapped. You cannot pull back coz once you start bossing around you cannot get your ass into a job where someone else is bossing you. You cannot stand still with costs rising everyday and competition ready to eat you up. All you can do is keep moving ahead somehow and that is the only way to survive. Ever seen a cricket in spider web or someone in marsh? More you try to come out, all the more trapped you are. That is business for you darling.

Of course there are perks but is it really worth? Its peace that we need in life, not a rollercoaster ride of stress every day. Happiness, which cannot come with the materialistic things in life. A few days back, I asked dad, let us buy a new TV, may be a 42” LCD or something and though he said yes but asked just one question. In last two months how many hours I have actually spent watching TV. I think it won’t come up to 24 hours in total but guess we try to distract ourselves with such things and try to find happiness in places where we are most unlikely to find it.

It ain’t any use writing pages on how I am feeling and am sure no one cares anyways but hell, its my place after all.

Finally, a little Trivia – As it shows “Bloody” is my favorite word these days, exceeding the uses by 99 times a day and 2 times in a sentence.