An alien thing named “Civic Sense”

1) When your pet dogs bark frantically (which probably sounds like music to your ears), instead of letting them in, you leave them outside of your house so that the neighbors and others can also share the feeling and get crazy.

2) When walking, you spit out the chewing gum any where on the road, so that it can go and blend with the shoes of others and they can curse you in full sprit.
3) When driving, you change lanes as per your convenience, or your mood or may be the direction of sun. No matter others are showing you fingers and brakes of other vehicles are screaming.
4) You keep on honking on road, even though it is just impossible for the driver ahead to give side. (yeah yeah… you have just come out of the pilot’s school and you are used to of flying an aircraft where the side problem is not that significant so far)
5) After sipping your tea or coffee on railway station, you toss the cups on the rail track (this one is especially for mera bharat mahaan (we the Indians)

If you have nodded and smiled in consent for 2 or more points in above list, then welcome, please come on board to the ICNCS. Yep, I have just formed this informal association for International Community of No Civic Sense. Unfortunately I could qualify for only one of the points above but I am sure there will be others who can meet the criteria and we will get benefited with their vast expertise in the field.

Hah.. jokes apart but I am really not sure why we find it so difficult to behave like a civilian these days. One way or other, our behaviors are getting changed to ancient times like a caveman. We see educated and intelligent people behave like a 5 years old brat who does not realize that his innocent (so called) actions might be a torture for others.

Few days back, one of my friends was driving on road and the guy ahead spitted out the betel from his mouth. Though here in India, its quite a common scene, but my friend somehow couldn’t resist and tried to stop him and asked, what the hell he was doing. The other guy glanced at him from top to bottom like he (my friend) is the biggest moron on this earth and muttered “So… what do you want… swallow this shit and die here” My friend was like astonished with the guiltless explanation when the other guy coolly cleared his throat (spitting out the remainings) and moved ahead.

This is just one incident but actually there are countless sagas of this kind of warriors and I think ICNCS is going to be a huge and smashing hit. All of you guys are requested to join the club ASAP and I am confident that we will beat the communities like facebook and myspace in no time…


The eternal truth!

Well, what else… the life and the death. Every body have seen or going to see those difficult times when some one very close leaves us for ever. Surely its some thing which is going to happen with all of us, but what surprises me most is how we react these days on such occasions. So indifferent, so unconcerned, like just another page 3 gossip in the morning paper, a cup of tea, or a phone call from credit card marketing agency. You can see people giggling at these places even before the cremation. Some schmucks will be found with their cell phones ringing at full volume or probably speaking loud on phone at funeral homes. Come on, whatever happened to civility! If you are so busy that world will stop moving without you and your cell phone then please do us a favor, stay away and don’t bother to appear.

And what do we say to others, when even the relatives and so called friends behave in such a bitchy and bizarre way. I remember few days back when my uncle passed away and one of the daughters in law (in relation) was overheard saying “why couldn’t he die tomorrow, at least I didn’t have to cancel my evening plans to visit to my mother’s place”. God only knows, how I suppressed the strong urge for calling her names and then kick on butt to throw her out. It might sound overreacting and you can call me an emotional fool but I still regret and feel that it was the right thing to do.

If you look around, our previous generations used to live and care for the joint families, neighborhoods and even distant relatives, but today, we are concerned with our immediate relations only. Me, my wife and my kids, that is it. Some times even parents don’t get place in the list. Quite obviously, the next generation if going to live for self only, the words “ME” and “MYSELF” are going to rule and thus be warned and prepared to see the worse times coming…