Tag vag!!
Thanks to sawan and dewdrop, I have been tagged twice for this one in last couple of days and looks like this is one of the most popular tags these days. Reason being, wherever I go, I get to read 25 bizarre or pretended or fabricatedely overchic (there is no such words so don’t sweat) things about some one (okay, okay, some times truth as well). While I am not a big fan of these tags and at the same time not in the very best mood today to do such boring and weird thing but still thought of giving it a try. This is at least better than those idiotic questionnaire types like “What did you have as last beverage” (Fresh Blood, I am a vampire, do you mind!!). See, I told you, I am not in the best mood today but okay, here it goes.

1) Very straight forward, though most of the other peoples will find “rude” as more appropriate word and hell that is right… I don’t like people. No big secret it is. 
2) I hate fake relationships. If I like some one, I give my 100%, be it care, concern, fun, love or any thing for that matter. But… if I don’t like some one, I care a DAMN!! 
3) I am a workaholic by nature, rather by choice, and I am passionate about my work. When it comes to work, every thing else goes on second priority.
4) If I am not working, I am a slothful lazy ass who finds even blinking as one of the most tedious and laborious job. To check one of my those moods, one can see me on Sunday mornings when I am usually found spread on couch, sofa, chair, bed or even by the wall if nothing else works (read “available”). 
5) I love to dance and do keep trying now and then, here and there. Though its altogether a different story that those bloody steps never fall in place and it usually leaves the viewers with their eyes and tongue either popping out or closed so tightly with an expressionless face coz the overall visual experience exceeds the human tolerance level to 100 times. 
6) I love mornings and mostly in good mood at that time. One can usually find me shaking my bum and tummy hysterically in towel after taking bath and getting ready for office. As a relaxation to the family members, I don’t try my hands on singing and leave this part to the music system. 
7) I am a big shopping freak and really hate this squandering nature of mine. I make a mental note to control it every time I shop, but alas.. so far so bad… 
8) When I see small kids working in road side hotels or old frail people struggling for a living, it disturbs me like hell. One of these days I will really like, rather going to do some thing about it and need all the blessings which I can have. 
9) Music turns me on and no matter how the mood is, it brings a smile on my lips. Duh! No big secret again…
10) I am obsessed with my car and love long drives, and yes alone!
11) Silent walks in night.. any time…
12) I love rains, and most of the times, as the first drop falls, I rush to the car for a long drive with all windows rolled down and rain drops splashing on face.
13) I am quite short tempered when it comes to work and scream a lot. Some thing I need to change about myself.
14) Perfectionist with a pretty good eye to the minor details. Of course not when I am working, its for the others’ work :)
15) Avid reader, crazy for fiction… 
16) Not a food lover.
17) I am pretty good in playing with words and trust me it helps a lot when you are a manager ;) I often hear the term “sweet talker” about myself and hell its not like that man. Sadly no body trusts me :(
18) I have a really bad habit of picking mistakes and errors in other people’s work, no matter how he/she is feeling. Need to change of course :(
19) I was good with studies but never actually liked the idea of earning a degree just for the sake of it. The traditional education system sucks. Period!  
20) Okay now a confession for bloggers, I really feel uncomfortable with blog posts with poems. I am not good with it and clueless on how to react. So if you don’t find me posting a comment there, please excuse me.
21) Speaking about confessions, another one.. some times I like Himesh Reshamia, come on folks, he is not that bad. :P

Okay, that is it, oh yeah, its still not complete as I am supposed to write 25 things but I am leaving 4 for you guys as an open house. Feel free to ask any thing you want to know about me and I will love to answer. I know, it’s a pretty dumb excuse for not completing it but not bad for some one who hates tags and trying it for the first time. 

Cheers !! 

PS - hats off to vin who actually wrote more than 25 things, can I borrow some from you dear !!! 

"Still thinking", I am tagging you. Wow. its fun to tag some one when it looks like that he/she is going to hate it as much as I did :)
Not so rocking technology!!
Every now and then I feel, what would have happened to us (read “me”, don’t know about others and who cares anyways) if the technology was not moving at the speed as it is. More precisely, when I try to imagine myself born 100 years back, I find it almost unattainable to digest. First of all no blogging so what could I possibly do to vent out my frustration, my dislikes to most of the walking and talking structures, my mental aggravation to cope with the world surrounding me and so on. Then no business, where I am in today so no bread (with jam of course).

All in all, I love technology and it really fascinates me, but some times it works other way around and the so called technocrats become a victim instead. And trust me the wounds you get are pretty bad. 

To cut the long story short, when you use Gtalk, it allows you to sign in to two different machines at the same time, and every chat message appears on both of the systems in parallel. So few days back, I was using my dad’s laptop and signed in to Gtalk. Now the over smart fellow decided on its own that I want myself to be remembered there and took the necessary actions without making me realize the fact. I finished my work, signed off and easily forgot about it. Every thing was going as it should be, or at least looked like, till the day when I was talking to one of my friends from my office system. As it happens to all of us, I was in typical office mood like one can be after 8 hours of starting the day. The chat started quite innocently but pretty soon the sober looking white space became fairly colorful with various adjectives thrown in here and there, lots of 4 letter words used as prefix and suffix and so on. Again, I finished it off and forgot about it. Later that day, when I reached back to home, dad was like… Howcome your chats are appearing on my laptop from last couple of days? No.. shit! what chat??, was my reaction. Yeah, today as well when you were talking to “R”, it was all over my screen. I gasped for a breath while trying to find a suitable word but no such luck. Then as a sudden relief he announced that he had to go out at the very moment so he closed it at that time but I better fix it ASAP. I managed with “oh yeah.. will do it now..“

Later in night I was thinking, I am not that bad and dad must feel happy and lucky about it. This was just a chat between me and “R” but what could have happened to some one whose son was Casanova types. 

Girl 1 – Hi Sexy
Dad – Excuse me!! 
Girl 1 – Oh come on sweetiepie.. I am missing you soooo much.. ain't you missing me ?
Dad – See, I think you are mistak… even before completion, another window popping up

Girl 2 – Hey dude
Dad – dude? You mean dad
Girl 2 – Muaaaaah.. you are so sweet.. such a darling.. 

Another one in the mean time

Girl 3 - Why are you ignoring me these days cutiepie…
Dad – running for life…

Cheers !!

Video Time
Traditionally, I am not a big fan of online video streaming thing as most of the times I find the whole buffering and playing exercise so tedious that just can’t wait and end up in closing the window in first 2 minutes itself. So in a world where Youtube and similar services are such a big bang among the tech savvy and not so tech savvy guys, I find myself standing some where on the thin line in between of these two types. I can’t just ignore them, coz they keep flowing in my mailbox and then every second link or website these days have such videos embedded there. At the same time I can never gather much endurance to go through the whole ordeal and watch the complete video. In last couple of days there were two videos which attracted me a lot. To rephrase myself, the first video was some thing which really fascinated me and the other one was a great attempt from one of my team members here in office and thus worth mentioning here. 

To start with, Microsoft has released a video on how they envision this world in 2019. I wont say that I love Microsoft but I must admit when they decide to do some thing, they do it really big and in a delightful way, not to mention thoughtful too, very unlikely to their software and operating systems (no pun intended). So here Microsoft tries to see in future and two facts which I noticed especially in the video, the touch and voice based communication is going to rule and thus eliminating any need for additional mediums between user and the world. The second thing is that in the whole video they have emphasized on “Hindi” as the other language. I was surprised to see that instead of any other language from the world (Chinese, French or whatever) they chose Hindi, reasons still unknown to me.

The second video is some thing which one of my team members shot on the road. Our very own and beloved India TV has a service where viewers can shoot a video on some social issue and send it over to them. If it is worth mentioning they broadcast it on their website and reward the sender along with telecasting it. So Mitesh in our office shot a video and sent it to them and it got selected as best video for 4th March. He won a TV and DVD player and now seeking support from the viewers who can vote him and help making his video as best video for March. You can see his listing here

To vote him you can SMS “AV 04-03” on 5600600 from your cell phone. When he told me about it, I couldn’t help but asked how he shot this video. The instant reply was “I was going on flyover on my bike when I saw this and shot it with my mobile” My reaction was.. “wow, so some one carrying several milk cans on a bike is a social issue of great concern but how about some one shooting a video from mobile phone when driving a bike” I wish I could be there and shoot his video while doing it and probably I could win the best video award :)