The bitter truth...

You read about such things all the time but you don’t realize how depressing this can be until it happens to you. You see people around, fighting with same sentiments but you don’t comprehend the horror at that time. Though it is the eternal truth, bound to happen but somehow we tend to believe that we might be an exception.

I had a similar reassuring feeling about myself. In fact I was not even thinking about it. And then… one day… it was there. Just like that. I so couldn’t frigging believe that it has happened to me. I mean, come on! It can’t be real!! It is not the time but oh well… if only… if only someone else thought the same way! I suddenly felt bitter in mouth, uttered some chosen profanities but it was there. Whether or not I liked it, this was the truth.

People told me not to do anything otherwise it is gonna strike back with double force but if only.. if only I was such a good listener. I decided to take matters in my hands and thought everything is good for now. As a matter of fact, it was good for few days and then today, the inevitable happened. It was back. Yeah, with double force! I guess it is time to admit and swallow the bitter truth.

So here I am folks… with two shiny grey hair!!

Do I hear mumblings that what is the fuss about it?

True! If it was on head, I would have been pretty cool about it but the place those bastards chose to make their playground! Back of my right ear. This is just urghh.. so creepy. I find myself touching my ear 10 times a day and well.. let us just say, it is not a nice feeling.

For whatever it is worth for, there is a brighter side, or so I have been told. The other day I was talking to someone and he said that hair behind the ear means wealth… a shit load actually. Well, I better be diving in a big ass pool stuffed with $ like Uncle Scrooge pretty soon otherwise it feels more like “ed” instead “ge” in that uncle’s name!