Not Again…
Last time when I did it, I promised myself to never do it again. I still get that urgggghh feeling when I think of it and how herculean task it was, but then thanks to Ms. Speaks, whose emosanal atayachar has made me do it again. I didn’t want all of you to go through this agony and pain to read ridiculous things about me, my life, my daily routine etc. but blame it to her holiness. So here I am once again with a senseless stupid tag…

8 things I am looking forward to

1) Lunch.. hell, I am starving!!
2) A payment which was supposed to arrive last week but thanks to some stupid mistake in wire instructions, no sign for another 2-3 days :(
3) My new Blackberry Storm
4) Watching “The Fast and The Furious 4”
5) My fiancĂ©’s trip to Delhi for shopping, so that she stays busy there and I can sleep in peace for few days!! (me just kidding Neha, you know I don’t mean it dear)
6) Gawd.. isn’t 5 a good enough number.. just because the creator of this tag had nothing else to do or was looking forward to too many things, doesn’t mean that others are also that much well planned and organized and enthusiastic about the things coming up..

8 things I did yesterday

1) Woke up.. duh!! Big deal!!
2) Took bath.. oh wow.. thanks ST for being so kind and considerate to other people
3) Came to my first love, that is office.. (so many other things in between which are not worth mentioning here.. ;)
4) Did my routine chore of screaming at people.
5) Wandered on streets to finalize some bookings for Neha’s wedding. Bloody 3 hours.. that too on a bike in full pollution and peak traffic hours..
6) Had a hot raging discussion with a client about some crap issues
7) Attended an online webinar in office
8) A long walk in night before calling it a day

8 things I wish I could do

1) Buy Yamaha MT01 but I know the day I will mention it to dad, I will be seen flying out of the house from window, so need to play safe… 
2) Play Guitar
3) Have an isolated place where I could move when the world goes over my head.. happens quite often you see but can’t help it
4) Wake up early and stay regular with gym
5) Have a beach house (worry not.. I am gonna have it some day for sure…)
6) Do nothing when I want to 
7) Open an old age home (again, I am gonna do it for sure.. so its not some thing in the “wish I could do” list.. it is some thing in to “I will do it in my life time” list.)
8) Find the person who devised this tagging idea

8 shows I watch on TV

1) Friends – Star World
2) Movies when I get a chance... any movie for that matter... even Mithun Da :))
3) News some times, though I prefer reading it online

Hah..cant help it, that is all I watch on TV so impossible to reach to 8 points… and at the same time why the hell some one will be interested in knowing and then remembering the shows I watch on TV?? Huh.. any thing you see any thing.. just for the sake of tagging..

And I here by promise that I will never ever bug you people again with any tag.. and its not about you people, it’s actually a favor I am doing to myself!!


So finally Mr. Akshay Kumar and Ms. Aishwarya Rai were conferred with “Padma Shree” award this year. I am really surprised why it took so long to Indian Government in realizing their gigantic contribution to society, their enormous and not to mention larger than life involvement in making India a better place to live. Do you think its an easy job singing and playing around the trees, wrapped in classy chiffons or to publically compete in “my skirt is shortest and my cleavage is deepest” contests (where words “short” and “deep” change their meaning everyday) or to kick 15-20 goons all alone without any help, that too when you are being paid just over 40 million bucks for a whole 3 hour drama. You gotta be kidding man.. 3 hours of trauma and just 40 million!! That is seriously unfair buddy.. but look at them, how very kindhearted and noble, any thing for this society and public.. 

Hmm, enough of my crap but just can’t help it, coz I am actually amazed why are we so obsessed with these celebrities from cinema? People will be found standing in hot sun for hours just to get a glimpse of an actor or actress. There will be stampedes where a movie shoot is in progress, temples being made for actors (remember MGR) and what not. 

I don’t understand what the fuss is about? They are also human beings of flesh and bones like us and if we need to get an inspiration or make an ideal, why do we seek that in movie stars? It really amuses me when some one says that Amitabh Bachhan or Shahrukh Khan is his/her ideal. Gosh, can you tell me what good they have done to this society that we find a role model in them? Okay, they entertain us, they make us laugh or cry but that’s about it. I don’t get it why I should see my role model in some movie star, why not Ratan Tata or Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad? At least they have done some thing worth in their life to make us proud and make this country come forward in some aspect. But who cares, these thoughts are for dorks like me and not for our respectable jury members who make these decisions. I was shocked how they could forget Mallika Sherawat and Rakhi Sawant… may be next year folks…