Getting old’s a bitch…
Some times I think how fast the time is moving. You wake up in the morning, start your day in home or come to office with so many plans and schedules made for the day ahead, but before you can even realize or start thinking about doing those things, you see its 4 PM already. The productivity of the day so far… cipher.. null! You look back, where exactly the whole day went and absolutely no answer to justify. Days become weeks and weeks become months and we stand still, wondering how fast bloody life is moving. It looks like a fortnight when year 2009 was started and as usual I promised rather targeted for few goals in this year. Looking again at it, half the year is gone and I am definitely not the half way to do those things. On Mondays when I start the day, I see the whole week ahead with certain chores to be completed and just more than enough time for it, but next time when I look at the calendar, it already shows a Thursday and an unwanted haste starts running in already screwed up life, just to make the things happen somehow but actually making them all the more worse. 

The truth is, life as well as time is moving on its usual pace but its us, the human beings who have lost the synch with it. With the hidden desires and exhort to get more from every moment, the never ending yearn to achieve more and the craving to be ahead of everybody else has brought us to a place where we find ourselves so helpless and nothing but a slave to the clock. Every time we think about it, we make a promise to improve it once the current project or job is over, promise to the family to give more time just after these crucial 15 days, promise to give some time to ourselves once the current situations come in control, but do we really do it… nope! What we actually do is make another promise as per the new circumstances and that’s about it. 

That’s been said, I am not getting frustrated or pessimist here but guess about time to think again over this. I am sure we can not run in this speed for long. Another 5 years and we will not be able to do 15 hours a day in office, another promotion with some added responsibilities and even remaining balance between professional and personal lives will be lost, then why are we making all this so complicated now. Why are we trying to surround ourselves with the things which even we will not be able to deal with after some time? We are running in a blind alley while not even realizing for the moments lost and when we will realize, it will be too late for sure. Its now when we need to change ourselves and start looking at life in a more laid-back perspective instead of postponing it for tomorrow or next week or next month. 

Looking at the time, it shows 12.00 AM and here I am exactly 31 years old now. Damn! There goes another year from my life!! Nonetheless happy birthday ST! Have a wonderful year ahead...


Two Dorks… Part – 2
The next day on the spree was actually a disaster. T accompanied us along with kiddo as she had to buy some sarees. Now the kid is a little devil at times, especially when some thing happens which is not to her liking. Going out on shopping is some thing which I suppose she fancies all the time. Reliance Fresh, Life Style and few others of them are her all time favorites and she makes sure that no aisle is left from her scampering. The first stop was a Saree shop but the kid found it little too boring for her taste and started playing tricks in first 5 minutes itself to make us
 move ahead. When nothing else worked, she used her infallible weapon and a sound echoed in the store… “Mammaa Pottyyy” T’s face turned red with embarrassment. Its always the same, she mumbled, if she is not liking it, will do this coz she knows it too well that we cant ignore it. I don’t think we can stay here for more than 5 minutes while she tried engaging her with a chocolate. The kid however was determined and started singing the song.. potty potty potty... making us leave the store with our remaining self-respect. Though I must admit here, if it was not the kid, I had to do some thing like that. I some times pity those poor shopkeepers who deal with the customers from Venus, especially the saree stores where they unwrap hundreds of 5 meter clothing and they simply stand up and quit saying “kuch achha nai hai bhai saab” (I don’t see any good stuff out here) occupying the poor chaps for another hour of work to wrap them back. 

Coming next was a multi brand store. Me and M were talking about buying some trunks when M found a basket and waved a floral piece of cloth to me.. “how about this one!” There were few females right next to him who looked at him in pure disgust. Sensing those looks we tried figuring out what is wrong when I pointed him to the board just above the basket. The board read “Ladies Hot Pants”. T who was watching the whole episode just couldn’t handle it. “cant you bloody see it?”. She said almost fuming. Me and M was speechless for a while and then burst out in laughter. “How do I know yaar, I was just teasing him with a floral print for the beach” M said in his defense but T was not listening any more and we were literally dragged out of the store. 

On the next stoppage we did shop for few things but the gentleman at counter reported that this will be billed on 1st floor coz they don’t have this in system yet. So we placed ourselves in lift and waited for the 1st floor. The door opened and T ran through the counter. Me and M came out finding the ambiance quite familiar. “isn’t she the same girl who was there on the 2nd floor?” M looked around and said “Shit, this is the same floor, guess lift never went down.. where is T BTW?” The answer came shortly as T was humping back with those looks in her eyes. “Well, I think the button in lift has some problem and it didn’t work” I said but that was a lame excuse to say the least. T was pissed off by then and swearing never to go shopping again with us. We did try to console her with no success and thus ended another day!


Two dorks, two weekends and a shopping spree…
As you must have guessed by now, this post is going to unravel the mystery where I was lost from last couple of days, resulting in the drastic fall down in the popularity of my blog. Not that it was actually popular before but it sounds good at least!  Last two weekends were a frenetic and hectic experience for us as well as some of the stores in the city as we were on the mission shopping. “We” means me and my brother (M). Though at some of the places, his wife (my sis-in-law T) also accompanied us but in general she makes sure not to make this blunder when we two are together, reasons still unknown to us.

So it started with Diwan Saheb in search of a suit and as we tried to open the door, were greeted by thick smoke from several incense sticks lit in at least 5 places along with the sounds of "Om Namah Shivay” chanting. We were like stuck when I asked M what he was looking for. There should be a bell usually found in temples, he replied. Before I could fall on the floor while laughing, the salesman inside caught the attention

SM - Yes sir while we were still on door
In unison - Umm, do we need to put off the shoes before we come in? like we do in temples

He frowned but said nothing so there we entered.. After looking at several suits and rejecting them all

SM - Sir, could you please describe what exactly you are looking for
Me - Well, I don’t know but what I can describe is we ain’t looking for the ones you are showing to us. 
SM – isn’t it good to have it other way around sir
Me – *smile* #@$#!%^
SM - *thinking* feeling is mutual sir!! 

The next stoppage was “The Raymonds Shop” The salesman glanced at us from top to bottom and immediately lost the interest while noticing the stubble, old tee and the slippers. 

Me – we need two suit lengths.
SM –sir look at this one.
M – no we don’t need gray
SM – how about this one
M – oh I already have lots of blues and blacks 
SM – loosing even the remaining interest as well and indicating the stuff already spread on counter 

blue aapke pass already hai sir, gray aapko lena nai to phir to isme se he choose karna padega sir. 

(You don’t want blue, gray you already have then you will have to choose from these only)

M – so?
Me – mockingly gray tumko lena nai, blue tumhare pass already hai to phir inme se he lena padega na.
We – burst out laughing while running to exit.

Somehow the suit trauma was over after looking another 10-12 stores and having almost similar experiences. Reportedly some of them have already provided our snaps to the guards on door to politely inform that they don’t have any thing worth for the taste of these two gentlemen, should we approach them again in future. 

Having done the huge task M suggested celebrating this with a lunch before proceeding. 

Me – I am not sure, T must be expecting us at home with the lunch already prepared.
M - Take your pick, I suppose she has prepared some Dudhi or Tinda (Bottle Gourd or Round Gourd) or some thing 
Me – lets do it then but give her a call to get an idea of the mood. No?
M – hmmm.. calling her, so whats up!
T – Nothing, waiting for you two on lunch
M – Oh, I think we will be late, say another 2 hours
T – Hmm, you are not saying that you two are going to have lunch there
M – munching on a piece of chicken, well you tell me
T – you dare not
M – oh sure!! 

Later that day, when speaking to Neha

Me – today was such a hectic day, didn’t even have food
N – why not? you could eat outside
Me – well, we thought about that but then M said, T has already prepared lunch at home so it won’t be nice to leave her waiting while we are devouring in a restra.
N – See... He is so loving and caring, and look at you.. such a rude and inconsiderate guy.. 

sigh… if only she knew…  

to be continued...

(I can write another 2 posts on it but only if you are willing to tolerate, so do let me know)