No wonder!

On my office desk, I have a large external monitor connected to my laptop. Thanks to MS Window’s extended desktop feature, it doesn’t duplicate my laptop’s screen and instead lets me decide which of the apps will be opened on which screen. So basically I can keep working on my laptop screen while the other monitor may or may not show any windows at all.

So one day, this smartass fellow came to my office. He is this really annoying guy but I somehow need to tolerate him for reasons better not revealed here… for one, that will change the direction of the story and second, I still want him to believe that I don’t, for the lack of a better word, dislike him that much.

Okay, coming back to the story. Recently when I changed my laptop, it came with a “VAIO” wallpaper which shows nothing but a gray logo on jet black screen. Thus if there are no open programs on second monitor, it just shows the wallpaper. The intellect of intellectuals asks.. hey, how did you get this logo painted on the monitor? Is it spray paint? Plus, don’t you find it irritating and distracting when you actually want to use this monitor?  It took me a second to realize that he is thinking that I got this logo painted on the monitor itself to boast off or show some kind of fanboyism to Sony, but when I did, I was actually dumbfounded.

You might think, how innocent! It is not that big of deal… but well, it is… The gentleman in question is an engineering degree holder in nothing less but computer science… claims to be among the toppers in class and after that… yes, hold your breath… went to IIM.

Not so innocent question.. right? It’s stupid and to be more precise, awful. Dude, as a computer engineer you are supposed to know at least this little something called wallpapers.

To be honest, I long back stopped thinking about the country’s future, coz well, it ain’t that  bright… but this!! I guess Mr.Sibal and their stooges don’t need to try that hard, coz the whole lot of this new generation is with them in the mission.


2 Responses
  1. Oldfox004 Says:

    hehehhehehehe! Unbeleivable!
    this guy should be given the Bharat Ratna or something...

    i still can't believe it man...:D

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