Yet another Debacle!

Technology is not really the strong suit for the people where we live in. We usually joke that Bikaner gets something after 7-8 years of the general launch and that too, when we are being fairly optimist. I always used to think, things are changing for good but oh dear lord.. are they! I learnt the latest lesson in a rather harsh way but well, nothing new about it. And of course, any learning is good learning so what the heck!

A few days back, a client of ours sent us a Blu-ray player for a project we are doing for him. I was by chance in the local video store next day to check on some titles and I casually enquired if they had something on Blu-ray?

The guy simply stared at me. Starting from face and then slowly moving the gaze from top to down with a puzzled look as if judging his response or trying to find the right expression.

This is odd, I thought, I am not asking for some classified material! Guess he didn’t really get it so I tried to make it easier for him and repeated the request slowly.. B L U R A Y? do you have something on it?

He still maintained this creepy look on his face, looked around and then a very low tone.. you need Blue films? You should not ask for it like this in public.

Suddenly everyone around was staring at me…

(Those who are not from India, must be wondering, so well, Blue Film is what they call softcore porn here)

Shit! I said in disgust. Forget it... and marched out of the library leaving the innocent guy wondering what he did wrong!

Later that day, I was talking to the client who sent this Blu-ray and telling him the experience.

S – You know the BR we sent is 3D.
Me – Yeah, so
S – Nah, just that, I don’t think I would like to watch porn in 3D
Me – haha.. why.. have you ever tried it? You won’t know till you try it!
S – No. Can’t say I have.. I would be just too worried, what is coming at my face!
Me – Oh Gross! Lets leave it at that.
S – Agreed!


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  1. ha ha ha ,

    great bikana :P

  2. @Rohit - Thanks

    @Oldfox004 - need the BR player ;)