Happy _______ Blah blah blah…
Okay fellas, so it is Holi, and by the grace of all those messaging aficionados, my cell inbox is full once again with all those colorful, loving, emotional and heartily good wishes. Now I really appreciate that and I mean it, but there is a small problem, literally insignificant, and that is, I don’t know the names of more than half of these well-wishers. I know am sounding discourteous as usual but can’t help it and I need to ask this one question – WHY DON’T YOU GUYS WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE END OF MESSAGE? Do you think just because you have my number in your phonebook, I will also have your number stored? And hey, let us get this straight. I don’t have any misconception about myself so let us not fake it. I know, most of you have my number stored only coz either you are too lazy to manage and clean up the phone book or you simply don’t know that cell phones also have a delete contact option. So willingly or unwillingly, on every occasion, which India has in tons, you simply select all and send the so called best wishes. You guys have no clue, what a herculean task it is for someone like me who don’t have a phonebook at all. However, today, to make an exception, I decided to dig through my old phonebook backups and guess what I found – Among others, I also got best wishes from -
  • Someone who literally threatened me in our last meeting with words “dekhna aap”, (You will see), which was around 7 years back.
  • In-charge of banquet hall in our wedding.
  • Some corrupt embezzling officer to whom I spoke once for an order (in my previous business) and the deal didn’t materialize coz apart from money, he asked for some xxx CDs (internet was not that common those days). Again some 6 years back.
  • An old crook customer who didn’t pay the final invoice and stopped picking up phones, replying to messages and ended up in bad debts.
Then there is a guy who never stays in touch otherwise but will always send a message on festivals. As obvious, I don’t bother to reply so after 4 days he will call personally to tell me, yaar maheep, bade aadmi ho gaye ho, message ka reply bhi nai karte? (Maheep, you have become a big-shot or what, you don’t even reply to my messages?). Urgh.. come on buddy, get a life. The same fellow, met me once after marriage and greeted with – “Yaar shadi main bulaya he nai? Bulate to kuch dekar he jate!! (Hey, you dint invite me in your wedding, If nothing, I would have given some gift). Now what could I say.. so.. wateve!!

Anyways, I have this special festive offer for all you guys, instead of sending a message next time, please call me and I will tell you how to delete a contact from your phonebook. Muft, muft, muft!! (Free, free, free!!)


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  1. Anya Says:

    Happy Holi :-)
    I hope you have fun and a nice colored face .......... LOL

  2. A S Says:


    heheheh! interesting read mr.big shot!

    holi ke din dushman bhi gale mil jate hain! quite literally here it seems !

  3. arre maheep holi mubarak ho! arre yaar shaadi pe tumne bulaya hee nahi humein? badey aadmi ho gaye ho hmmm...

    It happens...people have the habit of sending forwarded takela messages to all (so what if you had exchanged numbers when u were traveling somewhere). I hope people keep only relevant nos in their phonebook else prepaid number rakho...automatically aise stupid messages bhejna bandh ho jayega

  4. Shanu Says:

    Aare kaisa hai tu..I get irritated when ppl write thr name after the message ..

    And yes i havent changed my number in the last 5 years and havent deleted any of my contacts either (this includes numbers of all the Romeos who sent me lovey dovey msgs and all the estate agents i contacted during our house search..kya na..koi prank khelta hai toh identify karna easy ho jaata hai)..toh mereko actually farak nahi padta whether they write thr names or not.

    And bfr u call me vela/lukkha, i have to mention that i dnt send happy diwali/holi/pateti kinda messgages..i think they are lame :P

    P.S: Dekh main kitne ache wale comments karti hoon..kuch seekh mujhse!!

  5. I thought of wishing you a belated Happy, you know what, but post this post, I decided not to. Hmm....So many contacts, so little time, and phone book memory huh :)

    Waise, sochne waali baat yeh hai...kee aapne shaadi mein, waakayee, bulaya hee nahe!Hmm....indeed bade aadmi ban gaye hain aap ;)

  6. Rahul Says:

    grrr!!!...And when someone calls u even 4 times , u don't pick them up... u r grt buddy!!!

    God help u dude!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Lol..I agree..Completely totally agree..I got bored with the whole sms thing years back..7 years was it?

    This Holi as soon as I received the sms from people I wondered about, I responded by calling em up and wishing over the phone..Others, I just ignored.

    Ps: Happy Holi!

  8. Sid Says:

    Dude why didnt u mail them detailed instructions on how to delete a contact... I am sure not many of them read ur blog, the msg wud hv been clear :D

    Anyways, if you hv an advanced phone os, you can get some sms filters to remove the clutter in ur inbox.

  9. Anya - Thanks.. well I am not really fond of Holi so no colors for me :)

    A S - seriously filmy eh? big shot.. well whateve..

  10. Gayathri - Are yaar ab kya kare.. bhul ho gayee bohat badi. hamka maaf kar dijiye.. :D

    Prepaid # - well at least I cant do that.. but then postpaid numbers does not force you to send a message but I have a better alternative.. companies should make it 50 bucks a message :)

    Otherwise as well, I dont have problems with people sending messages, its about sending unnecessary messages.. right :)

  11. Shanu - Mata - aap mahan hai.. even I havent changed my number from the day 1 but I can safely say I dont have that passion of storing numbers of Juliets (well don't laugh, there were some of those crazy or should I say blind girls :)

    And BTW, ye achha comment tha? God save me from your bura comment then :D

    Ms. Saint - Happy Belated Holi Ma'am.. I don't have problems with those messages but only if you really mean them.. For the whole year you don't even bother to say hi and then suddenly that emotional attack.. well can't handle it..

    Aapko b shadi main nai bulaya maine? Are yaar ye ho kya ra hai mere sath :-/

  12. Rahul - When did you call yaar ;)

    Choco - Happy Holi.. glad at least someone is with me :D

    Oye Shanu - dekh le

  13. Sid - Problem is I still dont know most of the guys' names, let along their email :)

    I use a poor little blackberry.. dont think you can do this filter thing unless you are using a third party app like textguard or mobiile-spy.. isn't it?

  14. Neha Says:

    well i think that doing sms or rather lovey-dovey msgs or greeting msgs are not your cup of tea coz all the time u get irritated rt mr.perfect.

  15. Insignia Says:

    Happy holi Mahdeep :-)
    Your frustration ad irritation is justified. Its sick to get forwards and irrelevant wishes. You are a friend, call up and wish. Messages are so impersonal.


  16. Shanu Says:

    @ Maheep

    Yup, mera acha wala comment tha! Your next post will get to see my bura wala comment :P

  17. Dewdrop Says:

    Ha Ha... interesting post... and the last Muft Muft Muft line brought back scenes of Jab We Met where kareena tells shaheed that he should marry her sister and ek pe ek free - Muft Muft Muft ... :)

  18. Sid Says:

    Not interested in a tech discussion but you can find something if you look arnd... Anyways was a fun post :)

  19. Neha - ah.. whateve..

    Insignia - we are on same page dear.. herd messaging is not the way to go.. if you really feel something, then you dont need to use a forwarded message at all.

    Oh BTW, name is Maheep :)

  20. Shanu - oh my.. should I enable comment moderation? :D

    Dewdrop - aha.. luk who is here!! Where have you been? and yeah.. muft muft came from Jab we met only.. how can one forget that :D

  21. "dekhna aap"

    That's a weird threat. On one hand it is a threat. And on the other hand he uses the word "aap"!

  22. Insignia Says:

    Ooopsie!!! Pardon me!! Sorry for getting your name wrong. There's no worse blunder than that....

    Sincere apologies.

  23. Shanu Says:

    @ Maheep

    Be afraid..be very afraid :P

    My dhamki is better thn Dekhna Aap hai na?

  24. Anya Says:

    You say that :
    "you are not a pet lover"
    Thanks for visiting our blog
    i think you like animals =^.^=
    we all do :-)


    Enjoy your day
    greetings Anya :-)

  25. Dr. Bodhi - Well, yeah but he was an old customer and here its in culture to use aap in formal relations... even if someone is younger in age.

    Insignia - don't sweat :) its okay.

  26. Shanu - ek dum dar gaya re.. pahle to socha post he na likhu par ab jo bhi hai :)

    Anya - Thanks :)

    Naren - :)